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>> neil: great reporting through the. good luck, bill hemmer, continuing to report live from boston for as long as it takes. we're back live tonight on fox business with the very latest developments from there and the fallout everywhere. see you then. >> hello, everyone, i'm andrea tantaros, this is a fox news alert. there is breaking news tonight in washington where the white house has confirmed a letter sent to president obama has, in fact, tested positive for ricin. now, the poison was also sent to several senators and others. we'll have the details on that in a little bit but, first, the breaking developments in the boston terror investigation. >> good evening, this is what we can tell you. we believe police and investigators are scouring over an image capturing camera about a quarter mile down the street of residents boilston, it was
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that image captured 2:30 local time monday that police believe there was a young man on this image that they want to talk to. no identity given. we can report that there has been no arrests made. there is a press conference scheduled for the past several hours to take place at this moment by the fbi. that has now been postponed. not clear when that will start. if it will happen tonight or if it will, in fact, happen tomorrow the reason why the press conferences is so significant what happened yesterday. the fbi briefed once in the morning at 5:30 and again 5:00 p.m. local time here in the afternoon. it was a great source of information for us trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together here in boston for the moment that press conference will not happen. what is happening is we are getting photographs not just from the scene you are watching now but these images that had been released that showed the components of the bomb parts, whether they are small ball bearings or whether or not it's a
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zipper that's been attached apparently to a black duffle bag that was connected to the bombings in the explosion here. it is those images that tell a very interesting story now about the forensic scientists now being put to use in addition to the science of the photographic evidence and the video. i mean, this is the jigsaw puzzle that investigators are trying to work through and it is not an easy job tonight here in boston. if that briefing starts, we will bring it to you live here during your program tonight, andrea from the fbi. as for now though, we do not have a hard time for when that starts. >> all right. thank you very much, bill. >> it looks like it is the most complicated crime scene that boston has ever seen. according to a boston police blog today due to reports earlier, they were contradictory. there was no suspect that they have arrested. we know that as a fake right now. the press conference that was supposed to take place right now has been postponed.
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kimberly, i want to get your thoughts on what you could or would expect them to be doing behind the scenes. could they maybe not want to alert the suspect or suspects by holding a press conference like this? maybe they want to hold back their information. what's going on behind the scenes with law enforcement? >> i think there may be some late-breaking developments in terms of if they have a specific suspect, which it sounded like they did earlier. perhaps they weren't ready to make a move or statement on it. we don't know if there is one or two persons involved in this. they have received 2,000 images that they are currently analyzing from the public based on the public plea they made yesterday. there is a lot of rich forensic information to go through. you had all those people out there crime scene investigators capturing things supposed to be moments from family members that turned into this tragedy. the fact that they were able to recover so much of this bomb as well is going to be very helpful. they will be able to identify through specific markers exactly where every piece of that bomb came
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from. just by doing that they are able to narrow in on suspect or suspects. they can also use the footage that was seen of the individual, match that together i wouldn't be surprised if we heard something specific soon. >> it seems like as a public we are spoiled by 24-hour news cycle. it's almost like a law and order news cycle where we are used to getting the criminal. we are used to getting the conviction within 47 minutes. it takes a lot longer. if you look at some of these incidences that have happened through the years and some of these bombings, locker beand others have taken months and sometimes even years. so, eric, maybe we are just being a little impatient. >> perhaps. a couple of quick things. bill touched on a lot of them. kimberly on some and you as well. 30 agencies investigating on frantic pace. focus on that pressure cooker. they have the name of the company that manufactured it, number on it they are going to look for where it was purchased. also, they have videotape of the lord and taylor
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across -- used to check out alleged suspects and maybe arrests are imminent. we have heard they were imminent and then they weren't imminent. a lot of misinformation going on. i will tell you something else that was going on though. the web was jumping with speculation. i mean we've seen some images of this guy with a backpack circled. it's a very dangerous game to be starting to point fingers. first it was a white guy. then it was a brown skinned guy. things going back and forth. you have to just wait. just wait. one last thing, i'm sorry, bob. if you have any information the fbi tip line is getting literally thousands of tips 1-800 call-fbi. >> if you don't have any tips another number to call. i think that's the problem. there is too much information. you get like a million cigarette butts and throw it on the street and you have got to test every one of them. that's the problem with the images. the focus should be on the images that you get from the stores and the streets and not necessarily the
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people. right now what we are doing is not just watching the sausage being made. we are devouring it right from the machine. technology has eliminated patients. we need the story before the story is actually even done. i get the feeling that because of technology, we have been addicted to the adrenaline of novel at this where we need to get everything right away. what's that -- what that is causing is a pile up in the fog. all of the reporters with the information and all of it contradictory and they are scrambling like they are working in a kitchen at denny's. i haven't seen this much backtracking since a lost hitchhikers, it's nut. >> police are probably not able to get their hands on. when you think of it, a lot of the shrapnel is sadly lodged in the victims at the hospital. a the will of these victims have r. intubated. a lot of the doctors don't want to remove the shrapnel from the body which can be considered nevada some situations. i think the feds are probably dealing with a lot
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of obstacles as well. >> you know, i feel for everybody involved in investigating. this the pressure is so big for them to come up with an eanget today we didn't mention this yet. we do stories somebody had been arrested. i believe we -- fox may have gone with it well. that was drawn back quickly by the fbi. none the less, so much as greg points out so many people out there investigating and these reporters are becoming investigators themselves. there is a lot to do here. so i feel for these law enforcement people and also the president of the united states -- wrapped up before then. >> kimberly? >> something else that's important is they are going to be able to look for confirmatory forensic evidence. for example, have you that zipper. there could can be d.n.a. on. people don't realize d.n.a. can survive. people think it vaporizes, it doesn't. there can be hair, fiber, anything. unless somebody wore a hazmat suit while they were making the bomb. nothing from any d.n.a. cells. any fragments like that can be identified to match up
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for successful prosecution. >> they originally said -- they may still have suspects. they have haven't arrested the man, women or whoever they have. the question is and it's a big question flying around the internet, don't you want to release who your suspects are? even if you can't find them yet, don't you want the public involved in finding these perpetrators of these crimes? i would think you do. i mean, there is a risk of getting the wrong guy or the herd mentality or, you know, the posse mentality, i would tell you i think the public, remember america's most wanted. how many criminals do they find that way? >> my sources i talk to say look, there can be multiple frints on this evidence as well. you don't know and you can't speculate intention either. so you look at this and say okay, they were 14 seconds apart. that's a little odd when you think about it you look at the madrid bombings, london bombings, they were hours apart. we'll don't know if those bombs were supposed to go off at the exact same time, hours of each other or 14
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seconds is strange. we don't know if it's more than one person. maybe they don't want to tip off the two that they're still working to confirm. >> what do you all think about why the fbi confirmed this press conference? that seems to be interesting sign. they did 5:00 yesterday. 5:00 today. all of a sudden they pulled it? >> because of the leak in the news. >> they had this press conference scheduled and we got the leak to start off with the a.p. saying someone was in custody. >> you can clear all that up with the press conference. 30 agencies come to the microphone and clear up what actually happened as far as a suspect and/or arrest. but i hope, i hope it wasn't to clear the news waives, the airwaves for president obama who is going to be have a press conference at the bottom of the hour. >> i have to just quickly mention, greg, we are waiting to hear the new time of the press conference. again, it was supposed to happen at 5:00 sharp. we are waiting for information on when we can expect it. >> the one thing that, you know, i always think about this, we do a lot of stories on privacy and people who complain about privacy when they are in public settings. and i think that this is
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when you look at a situation like, this you realize what a bogus complaint that is. forget about privacy in a public setting. >> it's huge. >> this is the future. god is now camera. i mean the cameras are on every corner and that's the only way you are going to solve why it happened 15 seconds earlier. >> where -- i remember we have had these discusses. i'm in favor of these cameras. >> i have always been. >> london streets have -- everything is mapped out on camera. if someone walks in early in the morning and leaves a package later in the afternoon that explodes, they know who dropped it? >> not in my bedroom, i'm fine with cameras on the streets but not in my bedroom. >> and peter king, also a congressman from new york, is he calling for more cameras, something that they have done here in new york city. >> downtown that seem to make a lot of sense? i think new york does have the right approach to try to prevent these kinds of things? from happening. it's interesting that someone walked both of those bags before the race started because they do sweeps beforehand. that's why the cameras are so important. if they get somebody's cell
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phone image to match from a different angle, they might be acial to get facial recognition technology as well. the first person who did this the is first bomb was smaller. drive people to run away from the bomb into the direction of the second bomb, which was the kill zone which was supposed to do more damage. >> the deadly diamond. >> despite the fact this is a terrible situation all the way around, i still hold out against cameras. i think it's a terrible intrusion on our privacy and -- >> -- that's because bob, the things do you late at night. >> i don't want to get into the politics. this is not the time. there will be a time. i have heard you say time and time again, if we can just save one life. you know, background checks offer whatever it may be. if we can save one life, let's do it, even if it infringes on our personal rights. this is one where we could have saved possibly. multiple of lives. >> we're going to talk about guns. i don't consider background checks the equivalence of this. >> don't you think there is a dichotomy in the fbi actually came out and said please come forward if you
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know anything. everybody is on the edge of their seat. i can sort of understand why they are pulling that back though, greg. we don't care about the media we care about getting these guys, getting them the right way. let them do their job. >> the other thing is, you know, cameras will not necessarily prevent anything. it will help you catch something. so you cannot replace -- i think it's important it's there. you cannot replace cops on their feet on street corners walking around. that does a lot of good that will never be replaced. >> use that logic in the gun debate. well, if you know that there is an area where there are no cameras and you know there is an area where there are no guns. >> like a gun-free zone. >> same logic. >> you want cameras everywhere? >> i want cameras everywhere. >> i want to go to you. a lot of people wondering when we get the suspect or suspects what happens to them? and according to my services right now, there is a big debate going on behind the scenes, do you send in hig, the high value interrogation team to grill them? at least for 45 minutes or
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so or do you mirandize them right away. i'm told this debate is happening behind the scenes right now. >> it's crucial because this is going to change the whole course and tone of the investigation and the prosecution how they determine whether the person is going to be considered an enemy combatant and the rights they are afforded or somebody american or naturalized citizen. legal framework. >> they don't have to mirandize them right away. >> no. they don't. >> intear guise interrogate them first. >> he did one of the things -- vote to extend the interrogation period after they apprehend if it is a foreign national. >> they did that to abdulmutallab. they went in and got all that information and got his father to convince him to talk. >> if it was greg that was picked up for this he couldn't be given his-mile-an-hour can -- miranda rights. >> he is a u.s. citizen and who he was working with.
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>> all our rights our rights our rights. >> why does it happen to me. >> you are the shadiest one at the table. >> that is true. >> more breaking news today. we have learned that a poison called ricin was mailed to president obama along with several lawmakers. the latest on that investigation and we're just learning that the president will be making a live statement from the white house a little later this hour on his gun control efforts. the senate today failed to muster enough votes to pass a compromise measure expanding background checks. we will bring that to you as soon as that begins. it's a very busy hour here on the five. stay with us. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans.
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>> a fox news alert. the fbi now confirming a second mail in containing the chemical ricin sent to president obama. this today after ricin was found in a letter addressed to republican senator roger wicker yesterday. press secretary jay carney was asked about the ricin mail to the president earlier this morning. >> there was a letter sent to, addressed to the president that at a offsite mail facility was noticed to have contained a suspicious substance and tests were undertaken. the fbi has the lead in that investigation, of course, and has said in its statement that they will be conducting further tests to determine what the nature of the substance is. >> well, the fbi had their hands full with ricin letters. the capitol hill bomb squad was very busy today too. several suspicious packages were reported at these senate offices. senator carl levin democrat, richard shelby republican. jeff flake republican. joe manchin democrat. and most recently joe
2:20 pm
cornyn republican. all suspicious packages all have been cleared as safe. the level of anxiety over our safety is peeking not too dissimilar to those extremely tense days following 9/11. remember the rumors anthrax is in your building? people running out of buildings? >> i had to self-medicate myself at every bar just to get over that. i have a problem covering these stories simply because ricin when -- whatever it is which i guess is a made from caster beans, i guess. anybody can generate this kind of terror. the ease it can be committed conversely dictating the news. if somebody can send a letter we should be ignoring it. the more we play it up it eggs losers on. this is easy to do. not just for stuff like this. but talking about mass shootings and things that you inject terror into people's lives, the more that you focus on these
2:21 pm
things the more likely things will continue. this simple crackpot with an envelope. >> you are saying you don't want to talk about this right now and talk about the episode ready for love that happened last night. >> it was pretty incredible. i cried. >> sicko sending this through the mail. and this could be biological weapons and it could be weapons of mass destruction, right? >> okay. so, producing ricin isn't the problem, right? because that's pretty easy to do and you can look at instructions online. where -- >> -- what? >> you can't, can you? >> let's talk about it later. what happens if you weapon nice it by grinding and it milling it and gets into the finest particles where it touches the skin it can become very, very deadly and kill you and lethal. i don't know if this person had that level of skill. they wanted to send a message and they're saying this person, this suspect that they have is somebody who writes a tremendous amount of letters, a lot of volumes sent, you know, to congress. so, i'm sure they will have him soon. >> scary stuff.
2:22 pm
i remember when i worked on capitol hill a lot of anthrax scarce -- scares were happening. unfortunately a lot of people opening the mail are the young junior staffers they vet all the mail through. this when you have on the heels of the boston attacks, greg is absolutely right. everybody is on the edge of the seat. this compounds it like we are under attack. congress is under attack. it's so random though the pattern that this person picked, republicans, democrats. there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. >> bipartisan. >> is he a bipartisan terrorist. >> robert? >> well,. >> only thing bipartisan happening on the hill these days. >> i'm consumed outraged with this gun vote. the anthrax thing, you know, the thing about anthrax when that went around they still haven't caught the person fingered somebody from the national institute of health. >> remembered that. >> ruined the guy's life and found out he wasn't responsible for it. >> this could be a false positive. >> there are a lot of those. >> but the two, senator
2:23 pm
wicker and president obama actually came back with positive -- >> -- they said positive. guess what, bye-bye, life without possibility of parole. probably going to super max in florence, colorado where all the other weirdos are go away for life and they will find you. >> the five goes inside -- no, are we? yes the explosive trial of gauze gosnell. kimberly spent an entire day inside the filly court. she will tell you what she heard. don't go away. >> did you just show up? don't go away. >> did you just show up or what? ♪ ♪ i think ford service is great, but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation,
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>> this is the filth week in the murder trial of kermit gosnell. he is charged in the death
2:28 pm
of seven babies born alive in his abortion clinic as well as the death of one adult patient. today we heard president obama comment on this extremely disturbing case. >> i'm familiar with it. i can't comment on it because it's an active trial. what i can say is this, you know, i think president clinton said it pretty well when he said abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. if an individual carrying out of an abortion, operating a clinic or doing anything else is violating medical ethics, violating the law, then they should be prosecuted. >> earlier this week, i was one of only a few members of the media allowed inside the courtroom for the trial. i will tell you as a prosecutor of many years it was one of the most disturbing experiences that i have ever had. i have tried plenty of gang cases and homicide cases and child abuse cases, but this was something like i hoped to really never see again. i think it's an important story for us to discuss and we have been covering it here at fox news which i think is important.
2:29 pm
so the main thing, too, eric is that a clinic like this is never in existence that this never happens again. the present saying is he hoping, you know, abortion is legal, safe and rare. i saw in that courtroom it wasn't any of the three. >> we are not talking about the circumstances. >> specifics. >> the evidence, the specifics because it would show that gosnell is one of the most evil human beings ever to walk the face of the earth bar none. this guy is a evil human being. i'm curious why the mainstream media has not brought this up. we talked about it a couple days ago and then this whole boston bombing thick came up. we kind of pushed it back. we had planned on talking about it every single day because it's an important story. it's an important story because it's surrounding an abortion doctor but the mainstream media is ignoring the story for some reason. we are talking about it it they need to be on top of it too. if you don't think it's politicized think about this for one second. if they went in and saw all the things you saw in the courtroom and saw a palin for president or romney for
2:30 pm
president sticker, don't -- the left would be -- every show on the left would be about that. about an evil conservative doctor. >> maybe if the fetus was in gitmo it would get an editorial in the "new york times." >> or needed birth control. >> i guess gosnell said he would provide the same care to his daughter that he would to these babies. he must really hate his daughter. there was somed me media recently the atlantic did a piece on the antiabortion protest in the philadelphia area. and basically said it's the pro-lifers at fault for scaring women away from seeking help major contortionist for pro-choice writer. see something so horrible and say it's the pro-lifer's fault. it is crazy. this is a crime against not just children but poor minority children. where is sharpton? where is jesse jackson? donna brazil's first instipulating was to go on twitter and to criticize
2:31 pm
the five. these are black babies that are dying. >> the fact is that the press has picked up a lot in the last few days since we began to push this at fox. i give a lot of credit to kirsten powers a liberal annual list here at fox who called out the mainstream media for not covering this story. and she deserves a lot of credit for that. but, ladies, it -- -- it will happen more and more. it deserves to get the coverage talking about. it's starting to happen. >> the president could have been a little more angry with his response or stern with something like this. >> can't. >> i know he doesn't want toup set the pro-choice lobby and probably hiding behind the excuse i can't comment on ongoing trial you remember when nixon commented on the man son trial nixon commented on my trial he had a mistrial. i don't believe that because the trial actually has commented on the beer summit. issues of race, local issues. he calls sandra fluke. it's odd that he wouldn't comment on. this the point quickly on dockedia though, this
2:32 pm
gosnell actually embarrassed the media. kimberly. he actually got the "new york times" to come out and write an explanation for why they haven't covered it. oh, it was chaotic in the newsroom. then they go after people who think it's more. it's a conspiracy. let me read you some of the things that they have covered. a trial in russia for a defunct french firm accused of global breast implant swindle. they have covered other cases. >> can i add one to your list of things that president obama -- trials president obama has spoken about during the trial george zimmerman he said if i had a son he would look like travon. also, the media as far as media coverage, newtown. people in the media are blaming the nra for newtown. there is no question they are doing that. can we blame planned parenthood for this? >> i have got to point out president obama did comment extensively on something like this when he was senator. and he felt it was wrong to get in between the patient and the abortionist if the
2:33 pm
baby was borne alive and he said that the abortionist would never let that happen. that's why he is on very thin ice when he can't talk about this sort of stuff. how does this thing happen? when two of the three parties involved benefit from a coverup. the patient and the abortionist doesn't want this baby to be born alive. that's why you don't hear about this stuff. the baby can't say hey, i'm alive. >> doesn't have a voice. we do have a voice here on the five. i will be going back down there on friday to give you live coverage from the courtroom as the prosecution will be wrapping up their cases. sure to be some powerful system. hopefully meaningful that will really add to this debate. next on the five we are going to go back to fox's bill hemmer in boston for more on today's breaking news on the hunt for who is responsible for monday's terror attacks. back in just a moment. ♪
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>> welcome back, so terror oddly puts everything in its place. it aligns priorities and tells you what matters. everything on the front page gets evicted by images of murder. that's what it is. not tragedy. it's murder. which is why it bugs me to see media types ascroib blame to people they already hate. to me the ability to resist the urge for rhetoric shows intelligence and grace. lesser minds who seek to answer why first instead of who. it's it who wants caught tells you would. i can name the elizabethering subjects there are so many they multiply like. got chris matthews and others tossing blame at everyone. my gut says when you go political early it's more more ego score points against people you dislike.
2:39 pm
joint reid at msnbc juiced the ache tack on george bush and another who writes let's hope the boston marathon bomber is a white american. you mean like the occupy wall streeters on trial in cincinnati? or bill ayers the nutty professor? i don't think david meant that at all. even though the only difference between ayers in boston was that bombs went off earlier. by now have you experienced nonstop coverage of this horrible crime and we know that certain images will stay with us forever. this one, especially. right now, wagging fingers at people you dislike will not change that or bring relief to the suffering families. after -- nic kristof admitted it was stupid for tweeting blame on the republicans. >> that wasn't his knee jerk reaction. he only did that because people were ticked off about it and they called him on it. but his knee jerk reaction and not just him, it's a
2:40 pm
bunch of journalists and people on the left that all of a sudden want to assign blame immediately on the right there. is no repercussions for it if you look back they blame sarah palin on the tucson murders and did this for weeks. the colorado movie theater shooting was blamed on the tea party member. we covered that here. it was brian ross. to george stephanopoulos and then this journalistic malpractice happens and then what, there is no repercussions for them. tradition has it, you pointed out, it's awlsd radicals. radical leftist and radical vegans. only non-muslim is a guy named andrea san diego on the fbi's most wanted list is he a vegan and blows stuff up. >> what how about the radical right wing steven king who said -- this is what he said. worse than radical. this is -- the reason that we should not have immigration bill is because of boston.
2:41 pm
leaving the assumption is immigrants come in here and did this sort of thing. >> we have got to go to the press conference. president obama is about to speak concerning the senate vote. i think we have him right here. here would go. >> a few months ago, in response to too many tragedies, including the shootings of a united states congresswoman, gabby gifford who is here today and the murd of 20 innocent school children and their teachers,. >> that's all we are doing? >> protecting more of our people. >> they can get the rest on the rest of the statement is going to be streaming. >> thank you. >> thank you for that. >> okay, so can i jump in on bob's. >> yes. >> i didn't get to finish my statement. >> jump on him. >> who happens to be a very nice guy. >> he may be a nice guy, that's fine. i like the guy, too. that doesn't mean he is idiotic to make that statement. can i talk about guns here or we have to stick with your topic here? >> you do whatever you want, bob. >> no guns? no guns, of course not.
2:42 pm
let's let the nra run this too. >> wait a second we would talk about guns if we were pro-nra wouldn't we talk about it, bob? we are talking about this topic a bigger topic. >> a lot of blame to go around on both left and right who had initial response to this. frankly, a lot of us have jumped to the conclusion, myself included, that it was islamists who did this. it may well turn out to. >> who on the right said it was a democrat who did it or radical left winger? >> i have no idea. >> cue the cricket. >> there were a whole slew. frankly, i was surprised it was day one, i mean literally hours of boston marathon bomb going off that some people on the left were starting to point fingers steny hoyer blaming sequestration was probably one of the dumbest things. chris matthews can i point something out. i disagree with you on seroda he used that headline to gain attention. cynthia mckinney who says maybe it was an inside job. >> let me tell you
2:43 pm
something really important. if they had information that this was something who was white wing or white supremist or radical group on the right we would have heard this by the liberal media already because they can't wait to put that stuff out laughner, tea party, republicans. >> represents the whole left. >> actually could have done 25. >> how about one? give me one. i will do this again. give me one example of a right winger blaming the boston -- >> -- you could argue. well, the -- i go back to laura ingraham said the fate about blaming the immigration bill is the same as blaming obama and those support. >> that's completely different, bob. >> no it's not. >> yes, it is. >> probably if i went through the internet, laura, i can probably find many of them. >> you have members of the media blaming conservatives for the tax day, patriots day, wink, wink, wink. what does that mean? >> you have lawmakers. you have left wing media you have fire bombings, you
2:44 pm
have -- >> -- we have got to wrap. they are telling me we have to wrap now. what i want to point out is that terrorism has gone on the decline mainly because of the soviet union, no longer sponsors terrorists or radical groups and now they have the fortunate ability to become professors in american universities. all right. we'll return in just a moment with a live update from boston. don't go away. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
2:45 pm
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>> back now to bill hemmer live in boston with the latest on the bombing investigation, bill? >> hey, kimberly, good evening. we were supposed to get a briefing this hour by the fbi but you know by now that that briefing was postponed. we j just been given indication the past 30 minutes or so that briefing may happen tonight. however, were great caution, sources out of boston telling us that that does not necessarily mean there is a significant or a big break in this case. but, it's been a source of great information for us for the past 48 plus hours. so we will see whether or not that happens tonight. >> all right. bill, any indication as to why they are having so much inconsistent information about a couple sources saying that there was a suspect, saying there was somebody in custody and then walking that backing? the fbi did release a statement today that it didn't seem to address those issues. >> well, i can't speak for them. i mean, it's hard for me to say whether or not they,
2:49 pm
meaning the fbi or the police or any of the investigative units of the u.s. government here in boston was putting any information out. it's a bit hard to read. but we do know. this earlier today around 1:30 in the afternoon, there was a report that an arrest had been made. it was widely reported. that was not true. but what we can report is that at 1:30, police had zeroed in on an image from a camera or cameras on a person that they thought was dropping off or was carrying a black duffle bag there is no identity given for this person. considered a young man, not a suspect, but it seems like that was something they were zeroing in on trying to figure out. what was in that man's arm and whether or not that could have been a bomb can whatell our audience happens? >> i think we did as well, how did these news services
2:50 pm
jump to the conclusion. they actually talking to police sources when they are making these calls? you know, police want to find out who is responsible and reporters here looking for information at every turn. gosh the media kind of feeds on one another. and if the associated press has a report, perhaps another outlet picks it up. if the "boston globe," the big local newspaper here got a report out there. you know they have deep sources in the police department here. if the "boston globe" writes up a story, boy, you read it now does the associated press feed off the "boston globe"? this is all speculation. but the point is, is that the media is paying attention to other reports and oftentimes it feeds off one another. ping-pongs here and there what i will tell you is that the new town tragedy in connecticut several
2:51 pm
months ago, there were reports that went out in the first couple of hours and days that still have yet to be proven several months later. caution on this. >> i'm sorry did, i jump? >> that's okay. go ahead. >> i'm going to ask you what do you read into the fbi putting this thing off? it seems to me that yesterday they seemed it a little bit vague about whether they -- they seemed like they had a whole lot of information. now they put off a press conference. i don't get it. >> well, i don't know. and that would be -- that would just be speculation on my part. i can tell you, bob, the reason they explained was this incident at the u.s. district courthouse about a mile from here several hours. prank call turned out to be nothing. that was the public reason put out. but the fbi briefed of twice yesterday. once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. no briefings yet to date. but you know they are working as best they can and whether or not they have something to share is hard to say. i will tell you, bob, you
2:52 pm
know how the media works. if you give as you scrap or morsel put out a picture or image, you know, that will really drive the story for several hours. >> hey, bill, very -- >> -- we have not had that yet for half a day. >> hey, bill, very, very quickly, according to the "the washington post," it looks like they are looking at directly phone records. that's a provision of the patriot act: any indication they are using other provisions of the patriot act? >> i will tell you how it will work though if that is part of the investigation. they can pinpoint to the second which cell phone numbers were dialed. they pinpoint the time of the explosion. they match up with cell phone records and then go back and try to trace the cell phone to find who was responsible for punching in that particular number at 2:50 in the afternoon on monday. >> bill hemmer live in boston with the latest details on the investigation. bill, we will be checking back in with you throughout the evening on fox news. one more thing is next. we know a place where tossing and turning have
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so you know about the boston/red sox/yankee rivalry is huge. but baseball, listen what happened. sweet caroline is the song they play every time. listen to what yankee stadium did last night. ♪ sweet caroline. ♪ good times never seem so good. ♪ i am - on >> then again that is a touching tribute to a heated rivalry, kind of like the sibbling rivalry. >> cats and dogs living together. united kingdom bid a final farewell to margaret thatcher, former prime minister of britain today. it was an incredibly moving ceremony there.
2:58 pm
she changed the -- you also had queen elizabeth in attendance. >> greg? >> i want to apologize for cutting out the obama presser. band phrase, long story short. when people say this, it is usually after telling the long story. when you have a long story. start with long story short. >> see short story long. >> there you go. >> and all right short story line. just kidding. it looks like a lot of people are taking to twitter with a hash tag run. they are putting on the sneaker to honor the victims of the boston bombing. see where you can catch a run. they did it yesterday in a bunch of different states. this is very, very cool.
2:59 pm
i guess i will wrap it up in a stunningly coward vote. a majority of them voted for a amendment to have background checks at gun shows, it was defeat not any part of the bill. people say it is the nra's victory. congratulations, take your victory lap . next time a nut buys a gun and kills people maybe you will have blood on your hands. we were waiting to see if it went down. >> it went down in a blaze of flurries. i never noticed it >> good luck, good luck. >> and that is you guys, one more thing. >> it is a political line.
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